I Did Advent of Code and This is What I Learned

September 9, 2022


June 9, 2022


7:00 PM

Invited talk at NYR conference

Many of us like puzzles. Wrestling with simple-to-understand questions, with trickly-to-find-solutions gives you a special type of bliss when you finally crack it. “Advent of Code” has been going for 7 years, challenging over 200,000 people with 25 days of action-packed programming puzzles. Participating in these events has taught me a lot about myself, my motivations, and my tool of choice, R.

This talk will pull back the curtain on a collective journey of learning. A series of elf-inspired tasks provides a challenge for all ages, skill levels, and languages. Tweeting, Slacking, and Discording with the extended R community, bringing people together to share, learn and send memes. A unique opportunity to learn something new; a different programming language, a new set of packages, or simply going as fast as possible to the horror of all style guides. I hope to introduce you to a unique learning experience that will bring you as much enjoyment as it has done for me.

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September 9, 2022
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