Talks & workshops

Events I have been invited to present at, shared along with slides, videos, and other linkable resources.


Building R Packages

Building a R package can seem daunting with its many files and structure. This seminar will go through the different use cases for a R package, dos and don’ts and best practices. Finally a live demonstration starting with the creation of a R package ending with release on CRAN.

Debugging and Profiling in R

Hitting an error or a speed-bump while working in R can be a frustration. This seminar will cover strategies and techniques for performing debugging and code profiling in R. We will look at some different ways to identify bugs, how to fix them and how to prevent them from coming back again. We will also look at a couple of typical patterns seen in slow code and at what can be done to fix it.

Working with tidymodels

Tidymodels is a “meta-package” in the same way as tidyverse, but with a focus on modeling and statistical analysis. This talk will go through how to use tidymodels to do modeling in a tidy fashion.


Text Analysis in R

An ever-increasing amount of textual data is available us. I’ll talk you through a structured way to do exploratory data analysis(also called text mining) using tidytext to gain insight into the plain unstructured text. This will be followed by a demonstration of how modeling strategies can facilitate decision making when you have text as part of your data.